Why "Wilderness and Community"?

It's a little daunting to come up with a name for a blog or website. Something that makes sense to you but can also sound appealing enough for someone's curiosity to be engaged.

As if the online world needs another voice! Is anything I have to say important to anyone? Who knows, this may solely be most useful to me, to sort out all the thoughts floating around in my head and my heart.

I wanna be truthful, honest and vulnerable with my thoughts. (Humility > Pride)

So what is something that I am passionate about, but also struggle with?

If some time passes between wilderness adventures for me, I start to get antsy. I feel gravitated towards canoeing far into the wild, to lakes where there are no others, other than my companions, and then enjoy all of the beautiful creation around us. I love that my eyes look upon the trees, rocky shorelines, and lakes with no interruption from seeing a cabin, a speed boat cruising by, or anything else man- made.

In my faith as a Christian, I do believe in creation. I can feel the power and creativity of our Creator when I am out in these places.

Out there every man is equal. Shelter, clean water, fire, food, is your priority- or you die. Simplicity. I am a simple man so this unwritten backcountry way makes sense to me.

It's that "real life alive feeling".

- Sitting under the stars, looking to the north watching the auroras dance.

- Howling back and forth with wolves, who are calling closer and closer all the time.

- Paddling during "Magic Hour", when the lake is like glass, the loons are calling, and the sun is low on the horizon, then all of a sudden there is a hit on your rod and you just know its a delicious walleye which will make a nice fireside night snack.

- Waiting patiently on a narrow portage trail as you await a porcupine to pass thru.

After a weekend away enjoying this beauty, I start to feel sad especially when I see the first billboard enroute back into the city. A feeling of emptiness in the "man-made".

The wilderness, a place far from Facebook rants, annoying radio commercials, rush hour, taxes, and so on.

A place where the land beats with the same pulse as Day 1.

In the Bible's second verse, it says that the Spirit of God was HOVERING ABOVE THE WATERS. Next time you're lakeside, think about that.

He is there.

Let's take a moment now, close our eyes and take a deep breath.


Romans 1:20 says:

" For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God. "

I read a verse like this and my response is "Amen. Praise Him."

The other half of my title: Community.

If I spend too much time away from people, my family, my church family, my friends I start to feel that same pull.

It makes me think about how us humans were made.

We were designed to be in relationship.

In relationship with a living divinity.

In relationship with fellow believers, and non believers.


I have always appreciated Ephesians chapter 4, as a call for us to do life in community. Not just into community with God, but with each other also. (more to come about this topic in my next post)

So, there you have it.

Welcome to my beautiful struggle.

Wilderness and Community.

Where in both, He is hovering.

Praise Him.

P.S. Also, I realized that this date of this first post - Feb 4th. This is the 11th anniversary date of a outdoor winter adventure I had with a great friend, including hiking into a backcountry lake, ice fishing, chopping my knee with an axe, and hiking back to the car with an open gash in my leg. A day were I enjoyed these two : wilderness and community. I was quite glad my friend was with me that day, or I may not have made it out! #manbeastalert - Les Thiessen.

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